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Adidas, the company was registered in 1949 on the 18th August by a German called Adolf Dassler, hence the name ‘Adi’, ‘Das’. Adolf Dassler first made shoes in 1920 and in the 1928 Olympics Athletes wore shoes made by him.

By the mid 1930′s Adolf Dassler was employing over 100 staff and making 30 types of trainer, the 2nd World War meant that the company had to make a fresh start. Using the skills gained previous to the war Adolf Dassler was now employing 47 staff and making trainers from American fuel tanks. It was now that the name Adidas became registered alongside the infamous Three Stripe Logos.

The 1954 German world cup winning squad increased the fame of Adidas by wearing boots with screw in studs made by Adidas. Adidas broke the mould in terms of advertising by becoming using sports stars to promote its goods, people such as Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali and Franz Beckenbauer.

From the middle of the 60′s Adidas expanded into producing competition equipment and training gear. Football production began in 1963 and since 1970 the official football at major match events has been an Adidas ball.

When Adolf Dassler died in 1978 his wife and Kathe Dassler and son Horst Dassler continued with the running of the company. The Dassler family sold the company in 1989.

Adidas was floated on the stock market in 1995 and in 1997 Adidas bought the Salomon Group and became known as adidas-soloman AG, the company then in 2006 changed its name to Adidas AG. Adidas purchased Reebok International in 2006, this led to Adidas becoming Europes biggest supplier of athletic footwear and sports apparel with more than 25,000 employees.

Adidas Time Line

1925 – First Special Shoes for Track and Field
1928 – Worn at Olympic games for the first time
1931 – First pair of Tennis Shoes
1932 – Bronze medal for Arthur Jonath in the 100m wearing Adolf Dassler shoes
1936 – Most successful Athlete at Olympic Games wins 4 golds, wearing Adolf Dassler shoes
1937 – Range of 30 shoes covering eleven sports
1946 – First shoes after the war were made from canvas and rubber from the american tanks
1948 – Production starts again under the Adidas name
1949 – The famous three stripes logo is trademarked
1950 – Samba trainers are launched
1952 – Most widely used German brand in the Olympic games
1954 – Germany win the world cup using boots with screw in studs
(Adolf Dassler even adapted the studs at half time to fit in with the playing surface!)
1960 – 75% of Athletes wear Adidas at the Olympics
1962 – Adidas dominate the shoes worn at the football world cup in Chile
1963 – Adidas Football are developed and produced
1964 – The Tokio 64 is the lightest ever track shoe is produced
1967 – Adidas Sports Apparel with the three stripes is produced
1968 – Adidas dominate the Olympic games
1970 – Adidas Telstar football is used for the football world cup. Every goal scored in the world cup since has been scored using an Adidas ball.
1971 – Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight each other wearing adidas
1972 – Germany win Euro 72 wearing Adidas boots
1974 – Adidas Tennis rackets are launched
1976 – The TRX jogging shoe is launched
1978 – All of the goals in the Argentina World Cup are scored with the Tango ball
1978 – Adolf Dassler Dies aged 78
1979 – The Copa Mundial is launched becoming the worlds best selling soccer shoe
1980 – The Germans win the world cup with Adidas Boots, Socks, Shorts and Shirts
1984 – 259 Olympic medals are worn wearing Adidas products.
1985 – Adidas is award the German Marketing Prize
1986 – Azteca, the first synthetic football is used at the world cup
1987 – Horst Dassler, Adolf Dassler’s son dies aged 51
1988 – Torsion sole system is launched, and still is used today
1989 – Adidas becomes an Organisation
1991 – Adidas Equipment is launched
1993 – The Gazelle is produced again
1994 – Predator Boots are used for the first time at the world cup
1995 – Adidas is listed on the stock market
1996 – Adidas’s most successful year thanks to Euro 96 and Atlanta Olympic Games
1997 – Adidas is worn by Anna Kournikova, David Beckham and Alessandro del Piero
1998 – Adidas – Official Sponsor of the World Cup
1999 – Adidas is 50 and celebrates with a turnover of over DM 10 Billion
2000 – Euro 2000 sees 25% of players who scored wearing Adidas Boots
2000 – 3000 Athletes wear Adidas in the Olympic Games
2001 – First Adidas Originals Store opens in Berlin followed by Tokoyo
2001 – Adidas agree a 10% stake in FC Bayern Munich
2002 – ClimaCool is launched
2002 – 6 Million Footballs, 1.5 million Replica Shirts and half a million predator boots are sold
2003 – Sales reach a record 6.3 Billion Euros
2004 – Impossible is Nothing, the new marketing message is launched
2004 – Euro 2004 is a huge commercial success with 1.3 million Replica Shirts and 1.2 million Euro 04 licensed products sold
2004 – More than 4000 athletes wear Adidas at the Olympic Games
2004 – Sales reach another record of 6.478 Billion with football products alone creating 900 million Euros
2006 – Adidas Purchase Reebok to form the new Adidas group with a turnover of 9.5 billion Euros
2006 – Adidas Sponsor the World Cup in Germany and reap the benefits of selling 3 million replica shirts
2008 – Adidas is the Official Sportswear Partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2009 – Adidas and UEFA extend partnership for UEFA EURO 2012™ and UEFA EURO 2016™
2010 – Worldcup 2010 gives Adidas a new record sales number of jerseys sold, doubling the figure from 2004.
2011 – The Adidas Group announced plans to open its biggest distribution center in Germany

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